Titanium Wayfarer Sunglasses - TITAN - Gun Metal

Titanium Wayfarer Sunglasses - TITAN - Gun Metal

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We present our TITAN Wayfarer in gun metal, our new titanium sunglasses. Luxurious and sporty sunglasses made of high quality titanium and changeable lenses so you can change your look every day for every occasion. Gun metal is a very popular color and looks very classic. Fits perfect with almost anything.

Titanium is the perfect material for sunglasses. High strength-to-weight-ratio. Extreme temperature and corrosion resistance makes it to an obvious choice. We added some carbon fiber insertion on the sides to make the look even better. And we use the same high quality as our Fibrous collection.

The lenses might just be the most important part of a pair of sunglasses. And what good would they do if they didn't match the high quality of the titanium frames? We have searched long and hard to find the right lenses and are proud to present the optics for our Titanium wayfarers.

First off we use 7 layer polarized lenses that effectively reduces glare, eliminating dazzling light reflection and scattered light which makes the vision more soft and clear. The Polaroid lenses have seve